Photo of Playmate Debra Jo Fondren centerfold shooting

Debra Jo Fondren Centerfold

Playboy Playmate
The award wining centerfold was actually shot in HOOPER'S Las Vegas backyard, which was draped with 11ft shoot cloth for privacy from the neighbors. With reflectors and scrims, painted backgrounds and planted foliage, the scene was made to simulate Desert Oasis a natural warm springs in Moapa Valley where many of the other shots in her pictorial were taken. Desert Oasis was 68 miles north of Las Vegas and logistically too far away for a difficult 8x10 centerfold shooting. Most of the small camera shots in her layout were shot at Desert Oasis, Moapa Valley, Nevada or the nearby Hines ranch in Las Vegas.
Other beauties at the Oasis!.

Professional Data:
Image Name: debrajofondren_onset
Subject's Name: Debra Jo Fondren
Location: Las Veas
Film Type: Ektachrome   8 x 10

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Debra Jo Fondren, Las Veas, england, personalities, personalities, women, sands hotel, outdoors, warm springs, nudes, sexy girls, playboy


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