Photo of Yvette Lopez in lingere

Yvette Undresses

Black Corset
Yvette Lopez is one of the most popular bodies on the web. Half Latin and half American Indian, her ethnic look is very popular around the world.

I met Yvette on a shoot for Midway Games. We produced and photographed different characters for their "Strip Poker" Game. She was great, but the shoot was so limited in what we could do that I had to have her back again to see what we could really do together. I have since shot her many times and it is always a pleasure!" -RSH

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Professional Data:
Image Name: yvette_lopez_b15
Subject's Name: Yvette lopez
Shooting Date: 2003
Film Type: Digital   Digital

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Just_Girls

Catalog Terms:
Yvette lopez, england, studio, indoors, lingerie, sexy girls


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